Baseball & Softball Field Services

Enhancing the quality and playability of baseball fields through precise laser grading techniques and dedicated upkeep services, ensuring optimal conditions for an exceptional game experience.

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Laser Grading Fields, Enhancing Playability and Safety

Laser grading is essential for keeping baseball fields safe and playable. It’s not just about looks, it tackles important issues like drainage and playability. By carefully grading the field, we make sure water drains away properly, reducing the chance of puddles and slippery spots. This makes the field safer and helps prevent unexpected bounces on the field. Regular laser grading keeps the surface in good shape and helps improve the playability of the field to avoid potential rainouts.

Our team provides expert analysis to ensure fields are safe for all participants and to increase their playability throughout the course of the season. Players should have a safe playing surface to avoid potential injuries and the accessibility to a field in a reasonable amount of time with weather.

Baseball & Softball Field Services
Laser Grading Fields, Enhancing Playability and Safety

Mound and Home Plate Construction and Repair

Our expertise extends beyond laser grading to include mound and home plate construction renovations and repairs. These services become necessary when issues arise with the mound’s elevation, providing a safe landing area for the pitcher, or drainage problems in critical areas like home plate and the batters’ boxes. Our team tackles these issues with precision, ensuring that the foundational elements of the field are perfected for safety and performance.

Baseball/Softball Field Assessment

Finding where to start can be one of the toughest parts of improving your baseball or softball field. Our team offers a turnkey solution to this problem by providing a full analysis of the field and identifying areas where improvements can be made. Included in the assessment are the following:

  • Complete details of the grades of the infield. This includes descriptions of the elevations throughout the infield including the pitcher’s mound and batter’s box.
  • This determines the amount of material and work required to properly grade the field.
  • Assessment of the current dimensions of the field, bases distances and square, infield arc radius dimension at the transition of grass and dirt, and elevation of the pitcher’s mound.
  • Infield mix samples will be collected and processed to provide a report on the suitability of the mix for ideal playability and to recommend solutions for those mixes outside of ideal range. This helps our clients quantify the impact of poor infield mixes and calculate the ROI of improved infield mixes.
  • Complete assessment of outfield performance including grades, soil sampling to measure fertilizer needs, and an evaluation of the overall health of the grass.
  • Because every situation and facility budget is unique, both short-term and long term solutions will be proposed and reviewed with stakeholders.

What Does Your Organization Gain From This?

By undertaking this assessment, your organization will attain a thorough understanding of your field’s current status. You will identify both strengths and weaknesses, along with pinpointing safety hazards. Equipped with this knowledge, you will engage stakeholders more confidently and be presented with a structured plan for enhancing your field’s safety, playability, and aesthetics. Additionally, you will gain insight into the budget necessary for the improvements, as well as an understanding of potential challenges. With a detailed scope of work and a clear timeline for project completion, you will be well-prepared to proceed efficiently.

Preseason Prep and Post Season Repair

The season begins well before the first pitch is thrown on the field. We focus onsprucing up the infield and warning track to give them a polished look for everyone involved. Ensure your field is primed for opening day by precisely edging the infield and warning track, touching up the pitcher’s mound, and confirming the base distances for accuracy. Additionally, we will promptly address any uneven areas of the infield, level and repair the batter’s box, and apply a fresh layer of conditioner to the field.

But our dedication doesn’t stop there. As the season wraps up, we offer strategic postseason repairs to ensure your field is in top condition heading into winter. This not only guarantees a smoother start to the next season but also minimizes the effort needed for preseason preparations. Invest in the long-term success of your baseball field with our expert services.

These repairs and maintenance not only enhance the field’s aesthetics but also ensure a safer environment for all participants and enhance playability. Consistent upkeep of the field contributes to its longevity and prevents safety hazards from arising throughout the year. Moreover, regular maintenance minimizes the need for extensive capital projects, as the field remains well-cared for over time.

Preseason Prep and Post Season Repair

The Field Source Process


Feasibility Study & Project Estimate

We’ll work with all stakeholders in your organization determine your current state and the desired outcome to prepare an in-depth project scope after a brief discovery phase.


Field Site Design & Construction

Field Source works closely with architects and engineers to create a design and specifications that meet all of your goals. We then engage construction crews and manage the build process to completion.


Ongoing Maintenance & Management

Even though the build is complete, we work directly with your operations team to ensure your new athletic field performs well season after season.

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